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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Great Bargains at Public Surplus Auctions online!

Public Surplus gives a guarantee to all of its buyers –  you can trust who you are buying from.  Only selected, public institutions can sell their items on this site, therefore you always know the auctions come from a trusted source. Welcome to Public Surplus       Thank you for your interest in using Public […]

Going Once, Going Twice: Foreclosed Bargain Homes! (CBS)  This is where the tragedy of foreclosures turns into new hope: 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning in New York City. CBS News correspondent Anthony Mason reports more than 1,000 bidders signed in for a foreclosure auction, looking to buy a house at 50 or 60 cents on the dollar. Carolina Madero has […]

LPS – Agency Sales and Posting – Real Estate Foreclosures

ASAP’s comprehensive Web site for trustee sales provides 24/7 access, allowing you to follow up on property status, or request specified services, from the convenience of your PC or laptop.  You can also: Submit orders via the Web Check property status View images Retrieve sale results View order billing summaries Submit bidding instructions Cancel orders […]

America’s 10 sickest housing markets

America’s 10 sickest housing markets Combination of crushed prices, lots of vacancies and down economy have these cities reeling! For three years, the real estate market has been going in one direction — primarily down. Some areas, however, have begun to recover. Recent S&P/Case-Shiller data show that among the top 20 housing markets in the […]