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Monthly Archives: June 2015

San Diego Auction – Beautiful Estate and Jeep Liberty

Beautiful Estate Sale Full House & Jeep This is a Full Household Estate Sale with Beautiful Antiques & Furniture including, 2002 Jeep Liberty, Gilded Lamps & Mirrors, Mid Century Furniture, Glass, Vases, Beds, Couches, Antique Radios, Iron Vintage Armour, Musical Organs, and Much MORE… First Items starts closing on July 8th at 10:37AM PDT […]

San Diego Auction – Abandoned Property Bulk Sale

NOTICE OF SALE OF ABANDONED PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that under and pursuant to California Civil Code section 1988(a,b,c) and any other applicable CA Statutes, that the items of property listed below is believed to be abandoned by Gregory Boyd and all other owners, occupants, partners, tenants and/or subtenants from addresses located at: 9910 […]

San Diego Auction – Ladders, Tools, CPR, Racks, ETC

Tools, Ladders, Safety Gear & General Consignments Online Auction This Tool Auction is a combination of a variety of Ladders, Tools, Safety Gear, Office Equipment including: 30 Ladders, Harness, Extensions, CPR Dolls, Wetsuits, Computers, Printers, Safe, Shelving, Tools AND MUCH MORE… Location:  San Diego Auction – San Diego, CA  92102 First Items starts closing […]