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Abandoned Property Bulk Sale

Abandoned Property Auction (civil code 1988)


Notice is hereby given that under and pursuant to California Civil Code section 1993.07 and any other applicable CA Statutes, that the items of property listed below is believed to be abandoned by Julie Wolfe & All Unknown Occupants , and all other owners, occupants, partners, tenants and/or subtenants from addresses located at: 777 Seacoast Dr Apt E, Imperial Beach, CA 91932. Items will be sold at a Public Auction by Sunrise Management

Auction To be offered in one LOT via online auction at:

Auction Ends, November 1st 2018 @11:07am

Items to be sold are to include but not limited to: Furniture, Bedding, Jewelry, Purses, Clothes, Pots & Pans, Kitchenware, Stepstool, Stroller, Shoes, Wall art, Chairs, Lamp, Couch, Desk, Bookshelf, Books, Bed, Nightstand, Printers, Office Supplies, Antique Furniture, Ottoman, Tables, Cleaning Supplies, Mirror.